Nine letters, more than what it is seen. I am making the choice to free myself, and rid myself of the burdens or boulders of today, and yesterday. Nine letters, I’ll try to simplify what this word, idea, and way of life is into the five of six segments. Five of the six will come from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. […]

End of Summer ’16

As the summer comes to an end and the wind picks up the pace, let’s look back on Summer ’16 and enjoy all the tunes and melodies that defined our summer. I will throw this disclaimer out there now, there is a good chance many of you will not like a number of our song […]


Probably a bad idea, but I’ll leave that for the viewers eye. Today I do not bring you Jessie, but I bring myself, as Adonighel. This outfit today features pieces I’ve found, second-handed, and bought. I wasn’t going for anything specific, but if I had to state the inspiration, it would be the Louis Vuitton […]

Delaware Water Gap (Hiking Adventure)

The Delaware Water Gap located in Bushkill, PA and my what a beautiful park it is indeed. With 70,000 acres of land with steep hills and flowing rivers. Where you can hike over 100 miles of trail, swim in three lifeguarded river beaches, go canoeing and or kayaking, enjoy a family picnic in the grassy […]

Purple Spring Makeup Look

Alright guys! Spring is finally here but it has been raining nonstop. I feel like I’m living in Great Britain… So I decided to go with purple toned eyeshadows (mostly because purple is my favorite color) and a pinky mauve lip because spring is all about vibrant happy colors. Normally when I do makeup looks […]

Too Conceited.

The smuggest smile around with a sleek style to match; A beautiful cardigan (male kimono) that makes you think, “WOW! That boy can dress” paired with the most sophisticated pair of shoes. This is our first blog. What better way to start this journey than to share such a beautiful outfit idea. This is Jessie D. and […]